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Wills & Estates

If you die without a Will, provincial law will determine how your property is distributed.

If you are survived by dependant children and have not chosen a guardian, the Courts may make decisions concerning the welfare of your dependant children.

If you have not appointed a personal representative to control your affairs and you are rendered mentally incapable of making your own decisions, then a stranger may be appointed to act on your behalf.

The cost of preparing the appropriate documentation to ensure that these important decisions are made by you is significantly less than the financial and emotional price that may be paid by your loved ones if these matters must be decided by someone else.

Our firm can assist you in the preparation and execution of your Will, Personal Directive, and Enduring Power of Attorney, and can provide you with advice regarding trusts and other estate matters including how to obtain probate and how to contest the Will if you are a beneficiary or have been excluded as a beneficiary.

There are many common questions that arise in this area of law. Answers to these can be found on the FAQ page.


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