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Occasionally, the client asks us about the confidentiality of their matter. In our firm, we believe that it is crucial that our clients understand that every aspect of their affairs are kept strictly confidential from those who do not work in our office.  This rule applies to all types of files, be it matrimionial, business or even a simple real estate transaction.

This means that no information, including a client's name, is disclosed to any of our other clients, or to any member of the public or relatives and friends of our lawyers or employees.  This includes a prohibition concerning any fact scenario or business plan.   These rules are absolute and can not be relaxed without first obtaining a client's permission.
We consider the above noted firm policy to based on respect for the affairs of our clients and common sense.  However, we as a law firm must also obey the established rule of our Law Society.  Chapter 7 of The Rule of the Code of Conduct of the Law Society of Alberta contains a rule concerning confidentiality that we must adhere to as a law firm. Similarly, the Law Society of British Columbia’s Code of Conduct contains Provision 3.3.

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