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We are a law firm in expansion, reflecting a Region in a similar mode. We are accepting resumes from lawyers who are team oriented. We wish to hire lawyers whose goal is to establish a practice and work towards partnership. Applicants must be members of applicable Law Societies in good standing.

Articling Students

We have an articling program for recent graduates of a university that is recognized by the Law Societies of Alberta and/or British Columbia. Applicants should apply at least one year prior to graduation (if possible). We request that applications include a cover letter, resume and a transcript of all university marks.

Legal Assistants

The role of a legal assistant is to assist a lawyer with his or her practice. It requires an individual who can take instructions, use a computer, has good social skills and is intelligent and friendly. It is both a challenging and rewarding experience.

We prefer to hire individuals with experience, however, occasionally we hire people who show an aptitude but have no direct experience in the legal field. We request that applications include a cover letter and resume.

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